Lug Nut Tread Guide

This information has been supplied as a guide only. 

To ensure proper fitment, refer to your stock lug nut to determine the correct size for your vehicle.

If you believe there is an error or information is incorrect, please let us know so we can update or add to our guide

ACURAALL (except below)1986-On12mm x 1.5Nut
ACURAMDX2002-200612mm x 1.5Nut
ACURATL2004-200812mm x 1.5Nut
ALFA ROMEOALL1972-On12mm x 1.5Nut
BMWALL1962-197612mm x 1.5Nut
BUICKALL (front wheel drive)1979-198912mm x 1.5Nut
BUICKAllure2005-On12mm x 1.5Nut
BUICKCentury1982-On12mm x 1.5Nut
BUICKElectra1985-199112mm x 1.5Nut
BUICKLacrosse2005-On12mm x 1.5Nut
BUICKLe Sabre1986-200512mm x 1.5Nut
BUICKLucerne2006-On12mm x 1.5Nut
BUICKLimited1980-On12mm x 1.5Nut
BUICKOpel1968-197912mm x 1.5Nut
BUICKPark Avenue1984-200512mm x 1.5Nut
BUICKRainier2004-On12mm x 1.5Nut
BUICKReatta1988-199212mm x 1.5Nut
BUICKRegal1982-200412mm x 1.5Nut
BUICKRendezvous2002-On12mm x 1.5Nut
BUICKRiviera1979-199912mm x 1.5Nut
BUICKRoadmaster1991-199612mm x 1.5Nut
BUICKSkyhawk1982-199112mm x 1.5Nut
BUICKSkylark, Somerset1980-199812mm x 1.5Nut
BUICKTerraza2005-On12mm x 1.5Nut
CADILLACALL (front wheel drive)1979-On12mm x 1.5Nut
CADILLACAllante1979-199312mm x 1.5Nut
CADILLACBrougham1991-199512mm x 1.5Nut
CADILLACCimarron1981-198812mm x 1.5Nut
CADILLACCTS, CTS-V2003-200712mm x 1.5Nut
CADILLACDeville (FWD)1986-200512mm x 1.5Nut
CADILLACDTS2006-On12mm x 1.5Nut
CADILLACEl Dorado1979-200212mm x 1.5Nut
CADILLACFleetwood (FWD)1987-199612mm x 1.5Nut
CADILLACSeville1980-On12mm x 1.5Nut
CADILLACSRX, XLR, XLR-V2004-On12mm x 1.5Nut
CADILLACSTS, STS-V2005-On12mm x 1.5Nut
CHEVROLET/GEO (Cars)Aveo2004-On12mm x 1.5Nut
CHEVROLET/GEO (Cars)Beretta1988-199612mm x 1.5Nut
CHEVROLET/GEO (Cars)Camaro1982-200212mm x 1.5Nut
CHEVROLET/GEO (Cars)Caprice and Wagon1991-199612mm x 1.5Nut
CHEVROLET/GEO (Cars)Cavalier, Celebrity, Corsica1982-200512mm x 1.5Nut
CHEVROLET/GEO (Cars)Chevette1976-198712mm x 1.5Nut
CHEVROLET/GEO (Cars)Citation1980-198512mm x 1.5Nut
CHEVROLET/GEO (Cars)Cobalt2005-On12mm x 1.5Nut
CHEVROLET/GEO (Cars)Corvette1984-On12mm x 1.5Nut
CHEVROLET/GEO (Cars)Epica, Optra2004-200712mm x 1.5Nut
CHEVROLET/GEO (Cars)Equinox2005-On12mm x 1.5Nut
CHEVROLET/GEO (Cars)Geo Prizm, Storm1990-200212mm x 1.5Nut
CHEVROLET/GEO (Cars)HHR2006-On12mm x 1.5Nut
CHEVROLET/GEO (Cars)Impala1993-On12mm x 1.5Nut
CHEVROLET/GEO (Cars)Lumina, Lumina APV1989-200112mm x 1.5Nut
CHEVROLET/GEO (Cars)Malibu1982-On12mm x 1.5Nut
CHEVROLET/GEO (Cars)Monte Carlo1982-On12mm x 1.5Nut
CHEVROLET/GEO (Cars)Nova1986-198912mm x 1.5Nut
CHEVROLET/GEO (Cars)Spectrum1985-198912mm x 1.5Nut
CHEVROLET/GEO (Cars)SSR2004-200612mm x 1.5Nut
CHEVROLET/GMC (Trucks & SUVs)Blazer1992-199412mm x 1.5Nut
CHEVROLET/GMC (Trucks & SUVs)S-10 Blazer1983-200512mm x 1.5Nut
CHEVROLET/GMC (Trucks & SUVs)Caballero, El Camino1964-198112mm x 1.5Nut
CHEVROLET/GMC (Trucks & SUVs)Caballero, El Camino1982-198712mm x 1.5Nut
CHEVROLET/GMC (Trucks & SUVs)Chevy 3/4 Ton Van1960-198112mm x 1.5Nut
CHEVROLET/GMC (Trucks & SUVs)Colorado2004-On12mm x 1.5Nut
CHEVROLET/GMC (Trucks & SUVs)Express Van, Denali1996-On12mm x 1.5Nut
CHEVROLET/GMC (Trucks & SUVs)Jimmy (6-lug)1971-199112mm x 1.5Nut
CHEVROLET/GMC (Trucks & SUVs)Pickups (ALL)1988-On12mm x 1.5Nut
CHEVROLET/GMC (Trucks & SUVs)Sprint1964-198112mm x 1.5Nut
CHEVROLET/GMC (Trucks & SUVs)Traverse2009-On12mm x 1.5Nut
CHEVROLET/GMC (Trucks & SUVs)Trailblazer, Trailblazer XL2002-On12mm x 1.5Nut
CHEVROLET/GMC (Trucks & SUVs)Van (8-lug; except Express & Savana)1965-199612mm x 1.5Nut
CHRYSLER300M1999-200412mm x 1.5Nut
CHRYSLERCirrus1995-200112mm x 1.5Nut
CHRYSLERConcorde, LHS1993-200412mm x 1.5Nut
CHRYSLERE-Class1981-198812mm x 1.5Nut
CHRYSLERImperial1990-199512mm x 1.5Nut
CHRYSLERLe Baron1982-199512mm x 1.5Nut
CHRYSLERNew Yorker (FWD)1983-199812mm x 1.5Nut
CHRYSLERPacifica2004-On12mm x 1.5Nut
CHRYSLERPT Cruiser2000-On12mm x 1.5Nut
CHRYSLERSebring1995-On12mm x 1.5Nut
CHRYSLERTown & Country1982-On12mm x 1.5Nut
DAEWOOLeganza, Nubira2000-200212mm x 1.5Nut
DAIHATSUCharade1989-199212mm x 1.5Nut
DAIHATSURocky1990-199212mm x 1.5Nut
DODGE (Cars)400, 600, 600ES, Aries1981-198412mm x 1.5Nut
DODGE (Cars)Avenger1995-On12mm x 1.5Nut
DODGE (Cars)Caliber2007-On12mm x 1.5Nut
DODGE (Cars)Caravan, Grand Caravan1982-On12mm x 1.5Nut
DODGE (Cars)Challenger1978-198312mm x 1.5Nut
DODGE (Cars)Charger1978-198812mm x 1.5Nut
DODGE (Cars)Colt, Lancer1970-199312mm x 1.5Nut
DODGE (Cars)Conquest1982-198812mm x 1.5Nut
DODGE (Cars)D501975-199412mm x 1.5Nut
DODGE (Cars)Daytona, Monaco, Shelby1981-199412mm x 1.5Nut
DODGE (Cars)Dynasty1988-199512mm x 1.5Nut
DODGE (Cars)Intrepid1993-200412mm x 1.5Nut
DODGE (Cars)Journey2009-On12mm x 1.5Nut
DODGE (Cars)Neon, SRT-41994-200512mm x 1.5Nut
DODGE (Cars)Omni, O24, De Tomaso1978-199112mm x 1.5Nut
DODGE (Cars)Shadow, Spirit1987-199512mm x 1.5Nut
DODGE (Cars)Stealth1991-199612mm x 1.5Nut
DODGE (Cars)Stratus1995-200612mm x 1.5Nut
DODGE (Trucks & SUVs)Raider1987-198912mm x 1.5Nut
DODGE (Trucks & SUVs)Ram 50, Dodge 4WD Pickup1982-On12mm x 1.5Nut
EAGLEALL1988-On12mm x 1.5Nut
FORD (Cars)Contour1995-200112mm X 1.5Nut
FORD (Cars)Courier1977-198312mm x 1.5Nut
FORD (Cars)Escort, EXP, Festiva, ZX21984-On12mm X 1.5Nut
FORD (Cars)Fiesta1977-On12mm X 1.5Nut
FORD (Cars)Focus2000-On12mm x 1.5Nut
FORD (Cars)Fusion2006-On12mm x 1.5Nut
FORD (Cars)Probe1988-200812mm x 1.5Nut
FORD (Cars)Tempo1984-199412mm x 1.5Nut
FORD (Cars)Taurus1986-200712mm x 1.5Nut
FORD (Cars)Thunderbird1989-On12mm X 1.5Nut
FORD (Trucks & SUVs)Courier1977-198312mm x 1.5Nut
FORD (Trucks & SUVs)Escape2001-On12mm x 1.5Nut
FORD (Trucks & SUVs)Windstar1994-200312mm x 1.5Nut
GENESISG702019-On12mm x 1.5Nut
GENESISG802017-On12mm x 1.5Nut
GENESISG902017-On12mm x 1.5Nut
HONDAALL1976-198012mm x 1.5Nut
HONDAALL (except below)1980-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Hummer 3Hummer 32006-21012mm x 1.5Nut
HYUNDAIALL12mm x 1.5Nut
JAGUARS Type, X Type, XJ1999-On12mm x 1.5Nut
JAGUARXF Type2008-On12mm x 1.5Nut
JEEPCommander2006-On12mm x 1.5Nut
JEEPCompass, Patriot2007-On12mm x 1.5Nut
KIARio2001-200212mm x 1.5Nut
LAND ROVERFreelander2002-200512mm x 1.5Nut
LEXUSALL (except below)1990-On12mm x 1.5Nut
LINCOLNContinental1988-200212mm x 1.5Nut
LINCOLNLS2000-200612mm x 1.5Nut
LINCOLNMark VIII1993-199812mm x 1.5Nut
LINCOLNMKZ2007-On12mm x 1.5Nut
LINCOLNZephyr2006-On12mm x 1.5Nut
MAZDAALL (except below)ALL12mm x 1.5Nut
MERCURYCapri1991-199412mm x 1.5Nut
MERCURYCougar1989-200212mm x 1.5Nut
MERCURYLN7, Lynx1983-198712mm x 1.5Nut
MERCURYMariner2005-On12mm x 1.5Nut
MERCURYMilan2006-On12mm x 1.5Nut
MERCURYMystiqueALL12mm x 1.5Nut
MERCURYSable1986-200512mm x 1.5Nut
MERCURYTopazALL12mm x 1.5Nut
ALL12mm x 1.5Nut
NISSANALLALL12mm x 1.25Nut
OLDSMOBILEALL (except below)12mm x 1.5Nut
OLDSMOBILECustom Cruiser1991-199512mm x 1.5Nut
OLDSMOBILEDelta 881986-On12mm x 1.5Nut
OLDSMOBILETornado1979-199612mm x 1.5Nut
PLYMOUTHALL (except below)12mm x 1.5Nut
PLYMOUTHVoyager1984-On12mm x 1.5Nut
PONTIACALL (except below)12mm x 1.5Nut
PONTIACBonneville1982-200512mm x 1.5Nut
PONTIACFirebird1982-200212mm x 1.5Nut
PONTIACGrand Am1985-200512mm x 1.5Nut
PONTIACGrand Prix1982-On12mm x 1.5Nut
RENAULTAlliance, Encore, MedallionALL12mm x 1.5Nut
SAAB9-7X2005-On12mm x 1.5Nut
SATURNALL (except below)1991-On12mm x 1.5Nut
SCIONALL2004-On12mm x 1.5Nut
SMARTFortwo2005-On12mm x 1.5Nut
STERLINGALL12mm x 1.5Nut
SUZUKIForenza, Verona2004-On12mm x 1.5Nut
SUZUKIReno2005-On12mm x 1.5Nut
SUZUKISwift2004-On12mm x 1.5Nut
TOYOTAALL (except below)12mm x 1.5Nut
TOYOTAGT86201212mm x 1.5Nut
VOLKSWAGENRoutan2009-On12mm x 1.5Nut
VOLVODL-2401987-On12mm x 1.5Nut
VOLVO740, 760, 780, 940ALL12mm x 1.5Nut
VOLVOC302007-On12mm x 1.5Nut
VOLVOC702006-On12mm x 1.5Nut
VOLVOS40, V40, V502000-On12mm x 1.5Nut
VOLVOS90, V901984-200312mm x 1.5Nut

This information has been collected from many different sources and may not be correct for your vehicle. 

Factors such as where the car was built, any aftermarket modifications or even errors in the chart mean that you can not rely on this guide alone.

TAPINAD is not liable in any part for any of the recommendations made within the table provided. We suggest seeking professional advise and information before purchasing.

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